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 What is Ju Jitsu?


What Is Ju Jitsu?

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Ju-Jitsu (the way of gentleness) is a true Martial Art and is recognised as the 'Mother Art' from which others (such as Judo, Kendo, Karate) has developed.

It's methods of combat are at least two thousand years old, but they are equally effective  in tackling the violence of the 20thcentury.

Lowlands Ju Jitsu Association Samurai

Of all the Martial Arts, Ju-Jitsu has the most useful self-defence application. 

Its techniques are simple, yet effective and can be practised by anyone, Irrespective of age, sex or physical ability from the ages of six to sixty six.

A recent development is Sports Ju-Jitsu.  Students who wish to show off their talents can compete in club, area, national and international competitions.

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