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Professor Kenneth James Blundell is the head of the Lowlands Ju Jitsu Association

Prof. Blundell is at present a 9th Dan in Ju Jitsu and has been studying Ju Jitsu for the past 50 odd years.  He trained under his father, the late Soke James Joseph Blundell 9th Dan who was the founder of the British Ju Jitsu Association which is now known as British Ju Jitsu Association GB and is the technical advisor to the B.J.J.A.G.B.

When Soke Blundell retired and then in 1989 past away, he left his son Prof. K J Blundell to carry on where he left off, promoting Ju Jitsu and teaching students.


Prof. Blundell has taught and graded many students over the years.  He has developed his own style, technique and philosophy for the art of Ju Jitsu (including weapons work) which many students have copied.  He has given many courses, lectures, demonstrations and seminars all over the world, and has a display team to further promote Ju Jitsu.  He has also taught many students in the police, military and special forces.

Prof. Blundell has studied classical and modern Ju Jitsu and also Kobudo.  Because he is professional, working, eating and sleeping Ju Jitsu, he has the ability to create new techniques and adapt older techniques into practical moves that can be used in todays modern society.

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