Lowlands Ju Jitsu Association, 13 Haymans Green, West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 7JG

Tel : 0151 226 6243

Email : Lowlandsjujitsuclub@hotmail.com

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There are many special events happening at the Lowlands throughout the year.

New students are welcome at any time, special calsses (called off the syllabus) which are held on the last Friday of every month.

Training sessions for competitions and Sport Ju-Jitsu are held regularly.   See also the page on Sport Ju Jitsu

The Lowlands Association is part of the B.J.J.A.G.B. (British Ju Jitsu Association GB) and has connections with the U.N.J.J. (United Nations of Ju Jitsu).  We also have friendly ties with many clubs in Europe and the USA.  This means we can offer special courses and events in both the UK and in other countries throughout the year. 








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